River Cleanup 2011 Results

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Well, I can't say enough about the contributions that were made by LCEA members, contributors, volunteers and landowners.

Dan Faust was our advisor on this event and much, much more.  He attended the planning meetings from March until event day. On event day, he gave the "safety talk" and did a great job of getting the canoes deployed and the vehicles shuttled around.

Marilyn Schmidt tirelessly pursued sponsors, helped design the t-shirts and kept us on track throughout the  process. On event day, she managed the registration at the Play Park and the setup and tear down at Chataqua Park. She also arranged for a tree dedication to take place at a later date.

Nancy Merbitz is a new name to the organization.  Not only did she help with the planning but put on waders to help get the job done.

Julie Russow, Phyllis Ryan, Carolyn Gerwin and I did our part by mailing notifications, recruiting donors, obtaining supplies and attending hours of planning sessions.

Ed and JoanE Lipinski were among the volunteers.

County Board member Dee Woodburn brought her canoe and entered the river from the Play Park with two young ladies on board.

American Rivers provided 200 trash bags!

Tim Tuley of Illinois American Water and his crew were on hand to transport the trash from the various boat ramps.

Pontiac Mayor Bob Russell and his wife came to the lunch to welcome the volunteers.

The City of Pontiac provided the dumpster, portalets and washing stations.

Special Agent Troy Davis, Illinois State Police came for the kickoff to talk about hazardous meth lab materials.  He was on hand all morning.  He reported that he was actually contacted about a suspicious "weapon".  It turned out to be a toy pistol but he said it looked real enough.

Clearly the most volunteers were from the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints.  Margery Ruch was our contact at the LDS church.  She took charge of organizing the LDS volunteers and serving the lunch which we obtained at a reduced rate from The Old Log Cabin Restaurant..

We also had a few volunteers from the Mackinaw Canoe Club.

Scott McCoy documented the entire event by video taping on shore and from a motorboat provided by Illinois American Water.

At the end of the day we had 26 tires and an equal mound of scrap metal. The dumpster was overflowing.  We have some t-shirts left to be distributed to sponsors.  Forty to fifty volunteers did a lot of work and had fun doing it. Thankfully nobody was injured.  I met some of the landowners in the afternoon as they drove by the impressive trash pile to see what we accomplished.

Here is the list of donors:
Illinois American Waters
City of Pontiac
1st Farm Credit Services
FreeStar Bank
Bank of Pontiac
H.J. Eppel
Dr. Nancy Merbitz, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Pfaff Tire and Auto
Dan and Carol Faust
Diaz Sign Art
Pontiac Family Kitchen
Old Log Cabin Restaurant

On behalf of LCEA, I sincerely thank all the contributors! My apologies to people I forgot to mention!

Judy L. Campbell
Livingston County Environmental Association

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