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Students at Regional Alternative School are Working to Help Bats

By Todd Wineburner

Students at Pontiac’s Regional Alternative School learned in a science class that millions of bats across the United States were dying because of a fungal infection called “white nose syndrome.” Rather than only remembering that information until the test, however, the students have become activists and formed a club called A.B.E.—Alternatives for a Better Environment. Gary Norris introduced the students to the plight of American bats, and is supervising the club.

Wind Turbine Health Study Press Release

Residents of the first wind farm in Livingston County reported more health symptoms than residents of an area with no wind turbines, according to a study by the Livingston County Environmental Association. The report “Environmental Health Survey Pilot Project, Summer 2011” was presented at the Ag & Zoning Committee of the Livingston County Board Tuesday night. The study was the result of interviews with residents inside the Streator-Cayuga Ridge South wind farm near Odell, Illinois.

River Cleanup 2011 Video

River Cleanup 2011 Results

Well, I can't say enough about the contributions that were made by LCEA members, contributors, volunteers and landowners.

Dan Faust was our advisor on this event and much, much more.  He attended the planning meetings from March until event day. On event day, he gave the "safety talk" and did a great job of getting the canoes deployed and the vehicles shuttled around.

Judy Campbell is Now President

In our March board meeting, Judy Campbell replaced Carolyn Gerwin as the President of Livingston County Environmental Association. Carolyn will now serve as secretary.

2005 LCEA Cancer Study

In 2005 LCEA commissioned and paid for a study by the Epidemiology Department of the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Peter Moschovitz, then a candidate for the degrees of Master of Public Health at UIC and Medical Doctor at University of Chicago conducted the research under the supervision of Dr. Leslie Stayner, Professor of Epidemiology at UIC. The study was delayed and ultimately hindered by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s refusal to release data that would have permitted UIC to map the cancers in Livingston County. The DPH gave UIC researchers limited access due to concerns about the applicability of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, despite the express provisions for research that are found in the act. However, despite these limitations, UIC researchers conducted the review and were able to identify four cancers that occur with a higher than expected frequency for the county as a whole, even after adjusting for demographic factors: bladder, leukemia, myeloma, and bone cancer.

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